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Because of our attention to detail we do not offer online shopping. Please call us so we can verify the
 availability and other details about the item you have chosen.  Many of the Large Tiffany Lamps 
shown may only be available in other colors and styles.
We offer a variety of lamps and memory ornaments as well as a number of garden stones to keeps the ones whom have passed close in our minds and hearts. Lamps come with a framed poem with a sentiment of explanation and ornaments have a poem tied to the top (see text at the bottom of the page). All remembrance items come elegantly gift wrapped.
Plain Tulip Lamp
Dragonfly Tulip
Tiffany Message lamp
Angel Praying Blue
Praying Angel
Short Cherub Blue
Short Cherub Pink
Mini Tulip Basic
All tulip lamp shades can be interchanged. 
If we have an alternative color in stock we can change it for you. Please call to see what is available.
Rainbow Butterfly $74.95
Brown Tipped Butterfly
Cardinal Lamp
Tiffany Dragonfly  $64.95
Butterfly Rose Square
Green Jewel
Pink Jewel
Tree of Remembrance Ball  
Large ball $44.95
Small ball $21.95
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Tree of Remembrance Message:                   Inspired by nature these enchanted tree ornaments inspire and add beauty to any surrounding. Tree of Remembrance Just as a tree undergoes changes as it grows from a seedling to maturity, our lives are full of unique and important people and moments that define us as individuals. The Tree of Remembrance encourages us to treasure each of life's moments and cherish the memory of people and places that are near and dear to us the children, the friends, the parents, and the occasions that create the mosaic of our lives.
Memory Lamp Message With Dragonflys
Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
so loved, so missed, so very dear.

Amber Gold Tiffany Light $51.95
5in tall
Blue Tiffany Light  $51.95
5inches tall
Amber Gold Tiffany Large
(8x13)  $99.95
Blue Tiffany Large
(8x13)  $99.95
Blue Tiffany Lamp 24"
Porcelain Angel Lamp  $29.95
Praying only
Cherub Moon $63.95
Cherub Moon Blue
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Green Ivy Lamp 17"
Autumn Ivy Lamp 17"
Tear Drop Memory Ball Message:
Words cannot always express our feelings.
It is the genuine caring of those who surround us
That help us through our heartaches and
Lifts us up when our spirits are down.
Hang your teardrop memory ornament
in the garden or in a window
for recalling someone quite dear to your heart
The shining rays of the sun will illuminate the glass
and bring a warm memory of your special loved one
each time you pass.

Memory Lamp Message:
With deepest sympathy.
​In every darkness there is light.
Each time you use this lamp, may it remind you of someone who is very dear to your heart.
May this glow remind you of warm memories and may their love continue to shine.